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Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is an active ingredient of ​Ænduro.

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It is a herb used in traditional medicine as an adaptogen agent, to improve fatigue resistance. Rhodiola is able to reduce the symptoms of fatigue and counteract those of stress, improving the well-being of people who are fatigued by stressful factors not related to physical exercise.

Synergistic effects between Rhodiola and B vitamins

Salidroside is a primary bioactive marker compounds of Rhodiola, which alleviate fatigue and enhance endurance. In addition, synergistic effects between Rhodiola and B vitamins on pain response have been demonstrated. A supplement containing Rhodiola has been shown to be effective in combating premature ejaculation.

Resistance to Stress

Finally, experiments in laboratory models have shown that Rhodiola rosea increases resistance to stress through the involvement of the biochemical signaling pathway involving insulin and IGF-1.

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