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As you age, your whole body changes and so does your brain. Slight cognitive changes can occur which can lead to memory problems and can increase what was your time to make a decision.


You may have noticed that you need more time to remember the name of a person or place, or that you sometimes forget certain appointments or commitments. In general, these changes, although they may also be noticed by your family and friends, are not serious enough to significantly interfere with your daily life and your usual activities. You should also bear in mind that some people with mild cognitive disorders never get any worse, while others even have improvements over time, for example, as a result of increased physical activity, a healthier diet, the intake of effective dietary supplements, etc.

Every day you have to make a lot of decisions and, even if most of the time you can choose according to habit, other times you need to make a critical and considered choice to make the right decision. In case you need to make a decision for new and important things, it is absolutely necessary that your cognitive energy is available to the maximum in order not to make a mistake.

Our INGENIO can help you to achieve a healthy concentration, maintain a good memory and improve your mental abilities, under any circumstances.


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