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In healthy people, physical or mental fatigue is quite common and can be due to a number of reasons, in particular excess or lack of physical activity, excessive workload, lack of sleep, stress, jet lag. In most cases, fatigue is a temporary disorder that can be easily resolved, but if you always feel tired, it is advisable to undergo a medical examination because chronic fatigue can be due to a variety of conditions.


For example, fatigue can be an early sign of food intolerance or allergy to certain foods; if you suspect you are intolerant or allergic to certain foods, ask your doctor to have you tested for food intolerance/allergy. Anemia, a condition in which there are fewer red blood cells in the blood, is a common cause of chronic fatigue, especially for women who have heavy menstrual cycles. Common causes of anemia include lack of iron or folic acid (also known as vitamin B9); note that vitamin C can help absorb iron from meals and thus counteract anemia.

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