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Hemp plants


With aging, different changes occur in all parts of the body. For example, blood flow to the brain decreases and memory may become less efficient. To maintain good memory and cognitive abilities, it is advisable to do physical activity every day. In fact, physical activity increases blood flow to the whole body, including the brain, and can help maintain efficient memory, as well as keep the whole body in shape.

A healthy diet could also benefit the brain and the whole body. In particular, eating lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, and assimilating protein from low-fat foods such as fish, lean meat and some legumes, are recommended to reduce the risks of common cardiovascular disease and to keep fit with body weight.

With age, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic and more fragile with a simultaneous decrease in fat tissue just below the skin. Reduced hydration and the reduced production of endogenous oils may make the skin drier. To promote skin health, you can take some precautions, for example, when you are outdoors and in the sun, use sunscreen and wear protective clothing.

In addition, smoking contributes to aging, compromising lung function, cardiovascular system, skin appearance and health. If you smoke, it is advisable to stop smoking or significantly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked or use electronic or heated tobacco cigarettes. If you are over forty years old, our LONGEVIS can help you fight the aging of the brain, skin and the whole body.

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