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Aristotelia chilensis (Maqui) cherry extract is one of the active ingredients of Longevis.

image of Maqui fruits

Maqui has a high total antioxidant capacity, meaning that Maqui protects vulnerable molecules from reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can damage them.

Inflammatory response inhibition

In fact, it has been shown that various fractions of Maqui have important inhibitory effects on the inflammatory response and can therefore provide a potential therapeutic approach to inflammation. In healthy adults, overweight adults and in smokers, dietary interventions with Maqui berry extract reduced the oxidative state in plasma and urine. In a study of healthy smokers, the intake of Maqui extract normalized hydrogen peroxide levels and the concentrations of the pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6, in exhaled breath condensation.

Other effects

Aristotelian chilensis extract has been shown to be effective for atopic dermatitis. Consumption of Maqui berry extract for 4 weeks reduced dryness of the eye. In an in vitro model study of Alzheimer's disease, a polyphenol-enriched extract from Aristotelia chilensis induces a powerful neuroprotection by direct interaction with amyloid-beta aggregates, generating much less toxic species and thus protecting the neuronal network. A study has shown that Maqui has antimicrobial activity against bacteria typical of wound-associated infections.

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